4-stroke tillers

With their ultra-compact lightweight design, Honda Tillers are easier to handle and will keep you working longer with less fatigue. Perfect for digging garden beds, gardens, soil and speed up planting, Honda tillers offer superb 4 stroke power for digging in tough conditions. With multiple speed options, commercial grade transmission and deadman clutch for safety.  Honda tillers are ready to deliver on your plot of land. 

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 What are some tips to getting the best out of my tiller?

Your tiller will perform best if you adjust it to match the soil conditions. To optimize your tilling, we recommend following:

  • Evaluate your soil conditions. Is the ground hard, or are you working in loose soil?
  • Set the tiller according to the conditions.
  • Till the area briefly. Evaluate the tiller's performance. Reset the depth bar or other controls as necessary, and continue tilling.

How do I use the depth bar?

The depth bar on the FRC800 tiller has two purposes. In hard compacted soil, it helps restrain the tiller’s forward motion. In looser soil, it controls how deeply the tines can dig into the ground. In general, the depth bar should be adjusted so the tiller is tilted slightly backwards. Raise the depth bar to dig deeper into the soil. Lower the depth bar when to till in shallow areas. For hard, compacted soil, it is very important to set the depth bar in the lowest position during the initial tilling.

How do I adjust the tine speed?

The speed of the tines is controlled by the engine speed, or gear selection. The FRC800 offers three different tine speeds. A faster speed (higher gear) causes the tines to take bigger 'bites' of soil. A slower speed causes the tines to take smaller bites. A general rule to follow is when tilling in hard soil, choose a slower speed.

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